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My experience at FFF Week 2012

A good friend who attending FFF Week 2012 shared her experience.. 

Full Figured Fashion Week 2012

I had the pleasure of attending Full Figured Fashion Week 2012 in New York.
I didn’t even know such an event existed until one of my friends advised me
of it. This was the fourth year and I was completely ignorant that something
of this magnitude was in full swing. I was so excited to discover that someone
somewhere took the responsibility of celebrating curvy women with fashion, style
and an event that focused on the full figured woman. I was even more excited to
see beautiful curvy models on the runway showcasing the latest trends, fashions,
and getting a glimpse of the who’s who in the plus size industry. I could barely
contain myself.

As a plus sized fashion forward woman, I couldn’t wait to see the new fashions,
the designers and how this whole event would be. The events themselves were
wonderful. However, I was disappointed at some of the appearances of the
who’s who in the plus size fashion industry. I believe if you talk it, you should
indeed walk it. If you refer to yourself as a fashion expert, you should appear as
one. How is it you are giving advice to a community on women on fashion do’s,
don’ts, must haves, can’t be with outs and you appear to the biggest event for the
plus sized community as a Fashion Don’t! To me that is unacceptable. I realize
everyone has their own sense of style, but being neat and pulled together should
be a characteristic of everyone’s style. I find it extremely difficult to take advice
from someone who considers themselves a “fashion expert”; you are looking less
than fashionable, let’s not even speak on the expert. Presentation is everything
and in every situation. If one were to go to a 5 star restaurant and was served
their meal on a dirty dish, what type of impression would that make? The same is
applicable in fashion. One, who writes about it, designs it, speaks about it, or runs
companies for it, needs to look the part. People are taking your advice to heart
and then when you’re seen and a face is finally put to the name, and you are NOT
presenting yourself as a representative of plus size fashion, disappointment sets
in and it’s possible you could lose readers, consumers and listeners.

As a plus sized woman, I know that we are stereotyped. People like to assume
because we are larger that we are lazy and sloppy in some cases. Some even feel
that we don’t care about our appearances. Don’t prove them right. We need
to know our body types, strengths and weaknesses and know what works best
on us. Trends are beautiful, but we have to realize each and every one will not
be a partnership for every plus size woman. I don’t proclaim to be an expert
on fashion. However, I am an expert on me. I know what looks best on me and
my body type. I know that the proper undergarments can make or break an
outfit. You have to build your foundation before putting the house up, same
thing applies to fashion. I really enjoyed Full Figured Fashion week. I think it’s
an awesome event. I learned so much, met so many fabulous, beautiful curvy
women who clearly know fashion and what looks great on them. However, if
you are a representative in the plus size industry, I believe you should look the
part. After all what’s more fun that being dressed and flawless every day. Be an
inspiration by more than writing, speaking, and printing your passion for fashion
for plus size women. Let the world see your passion for it on your best medium,
YOU!!! Someone is always watching, make them remember what they saw, but in
a great way!!

Tanya Hobbs




Curves in the City.. FFF Week 2012

Hello, FFF Week Dolls, be sure to stop pass CURVACEOUS BOUTIQUE # 17 table @ The CURVES IN THE CITY SHOPPING EVENT on Thursday 10am to 2 pm, Friday 12noon to 4 pm.. We will be located at the Affinia Hotel Grand Ballroom ( Mezzanine Level). We can be reached @ 347-670-0011…


Curves in the City.. FFF Week 2012



FFF WEEK VENDOR SPOTLIGHT: Returning again is the fabulous Curvaceous Boutique out of Virginia Beach, VA, our Plus Size Boutique of the Year. With a slogan like “Everyday is My Runway”, that speaks volumes on the exquisite and beautiful clothing and accessories that will be offered at her booth. Buy your tix today so you can meet the owner Cassandra Savage in person and walk away with something gorgeous to wear.

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