Tall Girls ROCK!

Model Chavita Stands 6'2

Curvaceous Model Chavita M. Stands 6’2

Standing at 5’2 myself; I’ve always admired tall people. Thank God for high heel shoes! If I didn’t wear heels I would walk all over my clothes. I have a good relationship with a seamstress because of it.

Tall Girls Rock

Tall Girls Rock

Gwen Devoe and I @ FFF Week 2013

Gwen Devoe and I @ FFF Week 2013

Ladies like Kimora Lee Simmons( 6’0), Tyra Banks (5’11), Yolanda Adams (6’0) and Gwen DeVoe are all tall beautiful “glasses of water”! I often wondered how my life would be different if I had at least a couple of more inches.   But as a short person, I never seem to realize the issues that some “Talls” have.

Curvaceous Model Chavita

Curvaceous Model Chavita

Most recently I did a photo shoot with a new beautiful model name Chavita, standing at 6’2. It was a blast working with her. She shared with me some of the issues that she has when buying clothes. I know personally being a “Shorty” that I never have to worry about inseams when picking up a pair of jeans or dresses; however she shared with me that this is a struggle for most Talls. Yeah, some stores cater to the Talls; but of them do not. There are some specialty shops that sell nothing but clothes for Talls; however most of the items are not as trendy.

I took this challenge and shared it with a few of my close friends and customers that are tall. A friend of mine says that she gave up on looking for long stuff; so she now buys 2 of the same pair of jeans to make them one. I can see that as being an easy fix; but who has time to go the the seamstress or let alone the money to buy double of everything? That is why Curvaceous Boutique created the tall girl section.

Tall Girl Shop

Tall Girl Shop

Curvaceous Boutique’s is proud to announce the “Tall Girl Friendly” Shop; after all Tall girls are curvy too. In this section, I’ve hand selected all clothes with longer inseams. This means no more “high water jeans” or dresses with your ankles showing. Most of the items have inseams of at least 34” and have longer sleeves.  So Tall Girls Rock on! 🙂

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