Are you a BODY iCON?

Queen of Diamonds Body-Con Dress

Queen of Diamonds Body-Con Dress

The latest trend this season is the Body-Con Dress!  The Body-Con, short for “body conscience” is a dress for those who are not ashamed of their curves.  These dresses are form fitting; maximizing every curve your body has.  We currently carry an array of body-con dresses.  Here are some good tips to follow.

Candy Yum-Yum Body-Con Dress

Candy Yum-Yum Body-Con Dress

  1. BE A ICON:  It is important that a woman feels comfortable and confident in whatever she wears; especially the body-con dress!  Because this  dress shows off your curves; it is not suggested that a body-con dress be worn by someone who is bashful or shy about her shape.  Wear your dress like a star!
Green Safari Body-Con Dress

Green Safari Body-Con Dress

  1. SHAPER, SHAPER, SHAPER!:    This dress will define your  curves and your imperfections too!  Be sure to wear the right shaper to ensure that your tummy is  smooth.  Underwear lines are a distraction; so go without wearing any underwear or a thong, when wearing your body-con dress with your shaper.  See my previous blog on undergarments if you need help.
  1. JAZZ IT UP:  The fun thing about the rules of fashion is that they are meant to be broken.  Pair your body-con dress with a pair of  stylish leggings; or even pair it up with a blazer for work.  The possibilities are endless.  Find what makes you feel comfortable and rock it.

Be sure to check out our Curvaceous Boutique’s Body-Con Dresses.  We have different cuts and prints to choose from!

Body-Con Dresses

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