Curvaceous Boutique offers plus size trendy clothing for curvy women. It is the source for unique and head turning fashions and concentrates on women’s wear sizes 12-24.
Curvaceous Boutique not only serves as an undeniable threshold for fashion, but also implants radiant beauty on the inside of its customer by building her from the inside out. Each client is given unique individualized customer service by listening to her needs and wants. Exceptional service is the foundation of Curvaceous Boutique and it aims to make her feel exactly that–exceptional.
The staff’s duty is to give the customer a sense of pride when they are shopping in the store by offering quality merchandise that is “exclusive.”
Fashion advice can be sought at Curvaceous Boutique because it monitors the newest trends in the forever changing world of fashion. It offers its clients the best by transforming their look from everyday to runway.
Building relationships of integrity, honesty, and fairness  is necessary with our clients and our vendors. In doing so, we gather our quality merchandise from top plus size vendors from the biggest fashion districts.  Every move Curvaceous Boutique makes is accounted, contemplated, and planned for the best products for its’ valued shoppers.

One thought on “About

  1. Tykeisha Robertson says:

    I’m a curvy girl and very interested on ordering, but wanted to know if there were any petite sizes. I’m short yet still curvy its just my height gives me trouble when purchasing clothes.

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