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101 on Undergarments

Ms. Curvaceous in the Red Two Shade Maxi Dress sold at www.curvaceousboutique.com

Ms. Curvaceous in the Red Two Shade Maxi Dress sold at http://www.curvaceousboutique.com

The key to fashion is the fit.  Not having a good fit; which includes proper undergarments can make any awesome outfit a disaster.  Some ladies cringe when I ask about undergarments and tend to stay away from “clingy” clothes.  I know when I use to hear the word “body garment”- I tend to think of that old beige girdle that my grandmother struggled to put on that made her feel more and more uncomfortable as the time grew.  But just like grandma, and my mom, and I too want to be smooth!  Now that time has changed, I know what products to use to give me that classic, seaming less look, all while feeling comfortable.

I have been a die hard Ardyss customer for years.   The hold that I get from my Body Magic is undeniable.  It use to be my best friend, but since I’ve lost a few inches, I’ve been satisfied with the look my Spanx give me.  I love Spanx because they give my curves a cinch!  They smooth all of my imperfections on my legs and mid-section, and I never feel uncomfortable.


Spanx makes a lot of different under garments to achieve particular looks for all sorts of body shapes.  But I live and breathe by the Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted Convertible Leggings and In-Power Line, Super Higher Power® Shaper.

Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted Convertible Leggings

Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted Convertible Leggings

The Tight-End Tights® High-Waisted Convertible Leggings and In-Power Line, doesn’t leave a dent or line a across my upper thigh area. This makes this garment my fav when I’m rocking my leggings, bodysuits, cat suits, jumpsuit or any light or white colors.  This garment goes down to ankle which is perfect, giving u a seamless contoured structure.  The hold is firm and smooths my legs and tummy.  What makes it convertible is the fact that I can pull them down past my feet, to give me a opaque stocking effect which is like a 2 for one!

In-Power Line, Super Higher Power® Shaper

In-Power Line, Super Higher Power® Shaper

The In-Power Line, Super Higher Power® Shaper is also my fav.  Its perfect for my maxi dresses, short dresses, or any garment that doesn’t cling to the body.  This shaper will give u more of a slimming look and doesn’t show any lines or bulging under my clothes.  You can adjust the leggings so that they don’t show under you short dresses; or even pull them down for my long dresses.

To avoid the quick mirror checks or those bathroom stall showdowns; here are a few tips I suggest.  Always tuck your garment under your bra!  By doing so, u are eliminating the garment from shifting or rolling down.  Another tip is- do not wear any panties under your Spanx.  The materials used in Spanx are just as comfortable as any pair of panties plus you do not want to show any pantie lines.  If you being without underwear bothers you wear a thong.   Also, buy the correct size.  The height portion really doesn’t matter, but make sure you choose the right size according to your weight.

We sell both of these products at Curvaceous Boutique; however Spanx’s prohibit retailers from selling their products online.  For all of my local customers whom would like to purchase the product please stop by our store (Curvaceous Boutique:  549 Newtown Road STE 107; Virginia Beach, VA 23462).  Spanx does have a website- you can order online www.spanx.com  if you are not in the Virginia Hampton-Roads Area.

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